Hi! I'm the L.I. Geek Guy. My name is Zack Rotz, and I was born and raised in Huntington, Long Island. My love for technology started at a very young age. At 3 years old, my brother got a Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then I have been hooked on anything and everything technological. I have always been very curious about electronics and the like. I got my first computer when I was 16, working at a local deli to pay for it. It was at that point that my love for computers began. My family had an Apple IIe prior, but this was my first windows based platform. With almost 20 years experience, you can say that I have pretty much seen and dealt with it all. I am well versed in both software and hardware (Mac and PC), and computers are not the end of it. I am excellent at diagnosing and fixing most electronics. I am also well versed with Windows based servers, and home and business networks. If you have any questions about anything, just give me a call. I am your Friendly Local On-Site Tech Specialist!