Having technology related issues? Look no further. In home IT support has never been easier!

Why Choose The L.I. Geek Guy?

I know there are hundreds of companies you can call to take care of your technological needs (in fact, I have worked for them). So what makes me so different?

For starters that phone number up there goes directly to me. I know some of the other companies, you call and get in touch with somebody in a totally different state. Then they have to contact their dispatch team, then the dispatch team needs to contact a tech in your area, then the tech needs to let dispatch know when he/she is available. This whole chain can take days to get a tech to your door. You call me and we pick a date and time that works for you and we can get your problem fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Every time you have a problem with the other guys you have to go through this whole thing over again. Also with the other guy you never know who you are going to get. You call me, you know I will be there! Another thing that sets me apart from the competition is something I like to call the transparent gaurantee. Other companies try to take advantage of you by not telling you the whole story! When I work with you, everything I do is transparent to you. Ask as many questions as you like, and I will do my best to answer them all. The L.I. Geek Guy difference can be broken down to three things.
1. Quick responsive service! Call me anytime!
2. Cut the middle man, call the phone number and speak directly to the L.I. Geek Guy!
3. Transparent service. I tell you exactly whats going on, and not just what will make me the most money.

Don't Just Take It From Me

What are some other people saying about the L.I. Geek Guy?

I’m not computer savvy AT ALL, so I’ve used Zack numerous times. I only really use the computer for email, social media, and online shopping. But whenever I have an issue, Zack is quick to respond. I trust him to help me with whatever issue I’m having, at a fair price.

- Fran C.

Zack worked tirelessly helping me get my game working remotely with my friends. Thanks to him I am able to self isolate AND spend time with my friends having a good time. It is refreshing to know there is someone available to help me technologically in this trying time.

- Julie R.

I love computers and consider myself a nerd of sorts. So, when it came time to custom build a new machine for myself, I knew there was no better place to turn than to Zack. He helped me from start to end in picking out the custom parts that could be assembled to a computer that would fit my versatile needs for work, gaming, video conferencing, virtual school, graphic design and web editing. Ultimately, Zack helped me build perfect computer for my needs that I plan to have last me at least 5-7 years. I highly recommend hiring Zack for all your tech and computer related needs.

- Bennett

I am writing this letter on behalf of Zack Rotz, the L.I. Geek Guy. Recently, I had brought my computer toa local stationary chain to upgrade my computer hard drive. The results were less than satisfactory. My computer started crashing and hardware no longer worked.

Then, thankfully, Zack came to the rescue. Based on our discussions, I decided it was time to upgrade to a new machine. Zach guided me to a desktop which was within my budget and that was suitable for my applications (e.g. photography and music software). He came to my home and reinstalled all my software and drivers. He even installed my hard drive and CD/DVD drive which I carried over to my new desktop. And what was most satisfying was that my “legacy” CD/DVD drive worked from the start (even though I was told by the previous tech that Windows 10 would not support it).

Zack listens and will provide you the expertise and service that you expect and deserve. If I wanted an explanation as to how something worked, he patiently provided me with answers to my questions in a straightforward manner.

I wholeheartedly recommend Zack/L.I. Geek Guy without hesitation.

- Jon H.